Now I need to actually give this show a chance


Hal in Being Human

Someone on Tumblr made this point about Hal. Emphasis mine.

“They’re not making a rapist a sympathetic character. They’re making a rapist a monster that a sympathetic character never ever wants to be again. It’s something that this sympathetic character is trying with all his might to stay away from. Something he’s horrified by, to the point of spending decades starving himself of blood to keep away from that monster.”

Someone else said this: Why should we cut Mitchell some slack because he seduced women in order to murder them, and didn’t assault women outright as Hal did? There’s no longer consent as soon as he bites down on their necks. (Which is an understatement!)

Someone else also said that the writers are going to hold Hal accountable for everything he’s done after his role in the show started, just as Mitchell had to deal with the Box Tunnel 20 murders. The Box Tunnel Massacre couldn’t be waved away with excuses. Mitchell didn’t even try to excuse himself. He was horrified at himself. Hal is horrified about what happened to Alex. So what now? Well now we see Hal try to stay reformed, as he has for 50 years…

50 years is a long time but isn’t long for a vampire. I thought it was so chilling when Mr. Snow revealed in that scene in the diner that Hal has gone through cycles of “good” and “bad” all his long, long life…Eep.

Hal Yorke and hating women

It’s interesting that Hal is a serial rapist. Hang on, let me say why…

Actually, no, it’s distressing that I find evil!Hal so sexy, considering what he’s done, but he’s only ever shown…well, explicitly shown…*murdering* in the show. I think I might be confused downstairs because Hal when he’s “good” is so adorable and “proper.” It’s such a Jekyll and Hyde situation. It’s particularly fucked up, people pointed out, because the bloodlust isn’t the only thing compelling him to commit violent acts – there’s a deepset misogyny.

Ugh, why would I ever be a fan of such a character?

Well look at him when he’s being cute and trying to be good!

/shakes head

So confused.

I’ll just crush on Damien then.


Season’s End (and War Child spoilers)

U.K. TV seasons are always too short!

So last night Being Human‘s fourth season ended. Lenora Crichlow bowed out, and that’s the last of the original cast! Tumblr exploded, of course, even though everyone saw it coming.

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An Eternity of Embarassment

An Eternity in Cheese Country is something that crosses my mind a lot of more (and always did) than

A) Writing that could make me money if I actually put work into a writing career. 30 is a bit late to jumpstart one, and that’s an understatement, especially these days

B) my goddamn homework

I was wondering why I responded so eagerly to a show as mediocre as Once Upon a Time , but then today I realized why, when Jefferson was introduced:

In An Eternity in Cheese Country (that’s a placeholder title!), which I first wrote chapters for over a DECADE ago, a goddess fights a bloody, messy, earthshattering battle (later I realized it could be similar to what happened to the gods in Immortals) and is killed.

Then she wakes up in Milwaukee.

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“It is by its promise of a sense of power that evil often attracts the weak.” – Eric Hoffer

I can see in my head exactly what needs to be written.

I’m not sure I still have the ability to put it into words.

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Bad Shipping: Things I Do After Less-Than-Great Job Interviews

I keep forgetting this would be Zev’s answer to anything Stanley Tweedle related.

And not even an emphatic no. She’s just like, “Yeah, whatevs.”

I want someone to make a GIF of Xev or Zev shouting like a cluster lizard.

This necessitates turning to LiveJournal circa 2010. (No Tumblr for these because A: very tiny, and B: not mine and they all turn into Internet Lawyers over there.)

Then you do this, Zev. Lots of Near Death Touching in that show. (What? She’s affectionate.)


Shit Boston Guys Say

On what I said before, I guess we don’t really want this plus vampires, do we?

Do we?

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I guess I should be more grateful when actors don’t try

 “Why do Boston accents make good actors look bad?” from Entertainment Weekly, July 2010


Vampires and other things that go bump in the night

I know I should watch it to find out…

…but does ANYBODY in Being Human U.S. have a Boston accent? Anybody? Bueller?

I know it’s shot in Montreal, and I know I should just watch it and see if it uses anything in Montreal that seems New England-y, but…

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