What fandom means to us, by hesychasm

Anyone who doesn’t understand what “fandom” is needs to read this.

Anyone who does understand needs to read this and be moved.

We are fandom.



Full Circle

Nifty thing happened during my FINAL final exam. (No more school for me! Then my friend said I should be a teacher. Noooo!)

Last summer I took a class called Critical and Historical Perspectives of Television, Radio and Film. Mainly we looked at television, because that was our professor’s specialty. He’s part of the reason I wanted to go to the school I did. (Film school + Upstate New York + TV Program = You seriously should figure out where I was by now.)

So anyway, I hadn’t thought about any of the content of that class (the five methods of film criticism) for the entire year. I had it during summer semester.

So I’m looking at notes people made, and I’m trying to remember stuff, and then I get to the testing center (we had only one question, from a list of ten questions we were provided months beforehand), and of course it’s on the five methods of film criticism.

How could it not be?

And then I nailed it. Sort of. I wrote TOO much on the topic. I have no idea if the facts were right, I just kept trying to remember as much as I could from that class. And I sat there and thought, “This is so appropriate, that this is happening right now. That the last thing they test me on is the first thing they taught me.”

Unpaid Laborer

Occupation: Professional Slacker

So I got an internship in Boston, and it will be super nifty, and I won’t write about it here so people won’t find out who I really am, haha. But it makes me feel so much better. Except the fact that (A) one of my stupid ex-lovers brought up having sex again (as a joke, but still), and (B) I have no idea what to do for paid work.

High on Health

Literally typed into Google, “What do you think of people who don’t drink?” and got this random blog entry from 2009 as my first hit.

It makes me feel a lot better. This girl (from England, I believe) quit at 27, too. Nothing dramatic for her, however, but goes to show you even regular folk realize the demon drink just isn’t their cup of tea.

I Don’t Drink Alcohol, Do You Think I’m Weird?
by Fran, head writer of High on Health


Edited Bob Marley quote, pronouns changed to remind myself for next time…

“You may not be his first, his last, or his only. He loved before. He may love again. But if he loves you now, what else matters? He’s not perfect – you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if he can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but he will give you a piece of him that he knows you can break – his heart. So don’t hurt him, don’t change him, don’t analyze and don’t expect more than he can give. Smile when he makes you happy, let him know when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. “

Oh look it’s a post

I want to (A) live someplace cool, (B) travel as much as possible, (C) continue eating smoothies and sushi. (D) This requires working. (E) I’m sure I’m going to be guilted by my family out of it with “But you have all that loan debt” but I think everyone with debt needs to just tell them to fuck off.


Good Life, for me:


Good food

GREAT food


Continually being surprised

But having someplace to return to

That isn’t necessarily my parents’ house

But is in New England


The worst thing about an hour-long interview is that when you bomb, you really wasted an hour of your life.

(Or did you?)

There are worse ways to waste time than bad job interviews, surely? Like…Tumblr.

So basically I’m fucked, because I can’t do a good interview to save my life. There are far too many Boston University and Emerson students around who already secured their positions. Also I don’t have any qualities that anybody is looking for in an employee.

I wish I could still get drunk, because now would be a good time. Maybe I should go indulge myself some more. (Bombed one of my exams yesterday, too, so I already treated myself to smoothies and sushi. AUGH. I then bought running shoes so that I would actually go to the gym. Oh fuck I need to do laundry before the party tonight. I bet everybody at the party already has an internship lined up. GOOD GOD I hate this…)

New Beginnings

So basically I’m back at square one.

EXAMS! Two exams left. Two that I just bombed, I think. I guess I’ll find out when I get my grades back.

Leaving this place the 16th and moving back to Boston. Scrambling looking for new doctors and shrinks that will take my insurance AND the insurance I plan on switching to in August.

Basically I need to get my head in the game, so to speak, and focus just on these two exams, because they are incredibly important. At least one is, and the other it would be humiliating to fail.

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