Job Shit Update

Oh, right, I talked to staffing agencies and one was like, “Sorry, nope.” The other one I kinda dropped the ball on, because I called them and emailed them and chatted with this one very understanding chick who didn’t hang up on me, then I called them back and made the mistake of not talking to the same chick, then this new person told me, “Sorry, nope.” Then she pointed out the way they work is they don’t find work for you, you apply, but through them? And she said to go to the office outside the city because there’s no work for anyone with no experience in Boston. 

And then I think, “Why would I lower myself to this crap? Oh, right, because I was planning on doing this, like, last summer and didn’t and now I’m in a shit-ton of debt and considering signing up for Straight Talk Wireless instead of ditching my memberships to shit like Netflix and World of Warcraft to save money. It was a relief to discover that now I go back to just month-to-month AT&T service, now my 2 year contract has expired, so it’s the same price and service but now I can escape. I want Verizon but the idea of doing another 2 year contract with them at $114 a month pains me. 



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