What I Have Learned: Dean and Sam paired with anyone else

will never happen because…

…Wincest is canon.

You know, with less dick grabbing.


Eris’ Brain is Back

Brain: Eris! What have you been doing? I hear you were trying to write some kind of analysis of Supernatural based on reading the Wiki, some essays, and like a few fanfics, or some bullshit.












Me: That’s not what I was doing at all. I said like three things on here and WordPress and most of them were merely observations…

Brain: This is not your show.







Me: Well, no, I do keep wavering on the Wincest…

Brain: Based on essays you read about it.

Me: And the Destiel…

Brain: Based on some out of context shit you read about it.








Me: I watched some of the show…

Brain: After you read some fanfics and half of Television Without Pity.

Me: Hey, I skimmed TwoP and the Wiki.

Brain: These are all spoilers. Accept the incest and enjoy the demon hunting. Don’t overthink anything. And for God’s sake, don’t write about things you don’t understand.





Stuff to not get your hopes up about

I regret starting to ‘ship Dean/Castiel before watching the show itself. (Let me explain how that’s even possible…Actually, no, I can’t adequately explain it. I blame the Internet.) I’m gonna be watching it and squinting and missing the point. The show’s about the Winchester brothers, anyway, and fighting evil and trying not to get eaten/stabbed/drained/shot at. Or pulled into hell or driven crazy. And stopping the Apocalypse while also not being manipulated by supernatural creatures into doing shit you don’t want to do. Or something.

I regret reading summaries of all eight seasons and now knowing everything that happens LOL.

I did that with “Lost,” but at least that was only the first THREE. (I started watching “Lost” live at the beginning of Season 4.)

Is this the last season of “Supernatural?” I don’t know. I could find out but it’s bad enough there’s all these spoilers running around my head.

And I’m looking at them first meeting and not getting along onscreen and I’m like, “At what point do they start getting slashy? Oh gosh, what’s wrong with me? It’s not even canon and there’s a lot of other shit happening.”

Like, for example, stuff I don’t even know or understand the ramifications of, like Sam being involved with Ruby (and drinking demon blood?). (Shhh, this is Season 3/4. I think she’s dead now, or something?) What’s the significance? Oh, hey, Eris, you would know if you watched Seasons 1-3.

/ramble over

Things even weirder than SPN. Injokes.

I went over to Television Without Pity and started skimming entries about Supernatural, and for some reason, the recapper has this imaginary gay dragon friend, or something, who interjects commentary occasionally. And I’m used to the ‘cappers being goofy. I used to go to the website for a long time, and then didn’t for a long time. Anyway, I was still kinda like, “WTF is happening? This is making this all even worse.”














I’m just picturing Theralion.

Recap, so far

This happened at the end of S4 Ep 1











And then this happened during S4 Ep 2










(Bobby told me to watch Seasons 1-3)










And then this bitch I’ve never seen in my life nearly broke my fucking heart










And then this guy was all like







And Dean was all like







And I was all like


Ok, so…

…I like what I’ve seen so far, even though I have no idea who the fuck any of these characters are and that’s solid proof I should watch Seasons 1-3. LMAO

Dean, your eyes are so GREEN!

They certainly are fond of sawed off shotguns.

They shoot…salt? At ghosts?

See. Proof I shouldn’t have skipped ahead.

That scene at the end there in the kitchen was intense. “I pulled you out and I can throw you back in…”